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We cater to wide variety of Industries, Manufacturing and Automation is life line
of these industries we make sure we support all the activities to make sure production hours are never lost solving technical issues

Food & Beverage

Industrial Automation & IT

Cloud Application Development

Customized application Development

Automotive & Machining

Industrial Automation & IT


Industrial automation & Manufacturing IT

Metals & Mining

Industrial automation & Manufacturing IT


Industrial automation & Manufacturing IT

Oil & Gas

Industrial automation & Manufacturing IT


& Power Industrial automation & Manufacturing IT


Industrial automation & Manufacturing IT

Environmental & Air Quality

Industrial automation & Manufacturing IT

Mobile Application Development

Customized application Development

Staff Augumentation

People who can meet the milestones

Shopfloor Konnect

Hobvision ShopFloor Konnect gateway provides a simple and secure method to gain access to data from RTUs, PLCs, or any other devices that use the MODBUS data protocol. This versatile device is compact and rugged enough for use in applications where space and power are limited and wide ambient temperature swings are possible

Aggregate Data from Multiple Sources

Shopfloor Konnect Aggregates data from Multiple Sources having Serial Port, Ethernet Port, Modbus, ASCII, Custom Protocol

Independently Configurable Ports

Configure each port independently from RS232/422/485 from 1 to 6 ports

SCADA Interface

Remote or local SCADA Interface for easier data acquisition

Custom Options

Converting Data Types, Data logging into file or Database, Periodic Summary reports on FTP and Email

Our Services

We provide wide range of services for various Manufacturing and Software Companies, ranging from automation of systems like PLC, CNC, Robotics, Drives, SCADA, HMI, DCS, Batch, Safety, MES, MII, ERP Data Integration as well as software Development, Infrastructure support and Testing/Outsourcing services

Industrial Automation Services

Siemens, Rockwell Automation, Schneider Electric, Mitsubishi, Wonderware, GE, Honeywell, Invensys

MES Connect

We are familiar with various vendor specific MES Technologies we will help you in integrating them in your environment

Validation & Compliance

We will help you in various Industrial Process validation and compliance such as 21 CFR Compliance


Hobvision can you help you with Batch, S88.01, recipe standards in your own process

Project Management

We can help you in managing your Automation and Industrial IOT projects in professional way

Software/Cloud Development

We are experts in making sure your applications are securely deployed in cloud environments

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